SureVestor - General Liability

The easy way to add your property manager as additional insured

To help you minimize costs, we participate in SureVestor's Master General Liability program. This program minimizes your costs and provides a simple easy way to add your property manager (PM) to your dwelling policy.

Here's How it Works

1. You Choose One of Three Options

2. Your PM is Covered

3. You're Insured in the Event of a Tenant Injury Lawsuit

Please select one of the following options:


Do nothing - you will be automatically enrolled in master general liability
insurance Program.

• Low Cost
• No Hassle
• Complies with Management Agreement


Have your insurance company for your rentalproperty name the property manager as additional
insured on the policy. Be sure to have a minimum of 1,000,000 for liability coverage and replacement cost.


Purchase rental dwelling insurance from or a licensed agent of your choice. Please ensure to obtain limits that meet the required amounts and name our Property Management Company as an "additional insured".

Never been in a lawsuit?
The one time it happens you'll be glad you have SureVestor.

Key Facts & Frequently Asked Questions