Pest Assurance Makes
Pest Control Simple

1. Place your request for service at
2. Your request is processed and Pest Share will connect you with a service technician - via email
3. It's that simple - professional service powered by Pest Share


Included Pests

• Fleas • Bed bugs • Ticks
• Mites • Weevils

IMPORTANT TO NOTE Requests for service must be submitted at Pest Share reserves the right to limit total services for a covered property to (4) services within a 12-month period. Each service rendered comes with a 30-day warranty, from the day of completed services. Submitted requests are subject to review and are contingent upon your program inclusions (see included pests above), the total number treatments performed within 12-months, and verification of your enrollment in the program. Refer to the terms of your lease if you require treatment for pests not included in your Pest Assurance program.

Please keep an eye out for a confirmation email from Pest Share once you have submitted your request; email correspondence is our primary form of communication throughout the process - be sure to check your spam folder.

Direct all questions to Pest Share - not your Property Manager or the assigned Technician. Pest Share is committed to providing you with reliable, efficient, and courteous support from start to finish via Chat at and by email at